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Moving to the Netherlands


Your move, our concern!

Are you coming back to the Netherlands? And wouldn't it be great to have a Dutch removal company take care of your move? UTS Van der Geest Verhuizingen Den Haag is at your service. We arrange the collection of your furniture within Europe or overseas via the extensive UTS service network. Furthermore, we can provide different storage options, such as container storage or storage boxes.

This means your furniture is secure. Our storage spaces in the Den Haag area, close to all access routes, are equipped with burglary detection systems, fire protection, air conditioning and certified vermin inspection.
If you opt for storage, then you can decide yourself when it is most suitable to unload the furniture. UTS Van der Geest arranges the unloading at your chosen location. We can also organise other services for you, such as interior furnishings and handyman or cleaning services!

Is moving house incredibly stressful? Not if you choose the complete service from UTS Van der Geest Verhuizingen. We are a member of the 'Organisatie voor Erkende Verhuizers' (Organisation of Approved Removal Services'). We comply with the quality requirements and are up to date on the laws and regulations within the European Union and many countries, both inside and outside of Europe.

When moving house, there are numerous administrative aspects to consider. If you are moving within the European Union, removal items can be imported free of charge. If you are moving to a country outside of the European Union, there are more administrative aspects involved. We are happy to support you in this and you can obtain the 'exemption from customs' request form from us, amongst other documents. You should also bear the following documents in mind:

  • a copy of the rental or purchasing contract for your home in the Netherlands and overseas
  • a copy of your passport
  • a proof of income (e.g. a declaration from your employer)
  • a 'settlement from overseas' document from your municipality: If you are coming from overseas to live in a Dutch municipality for longer then four months, you must personally register in the 'Basisregistratie personen' (BRP - Key Register of Persons) of the respective municipality within five days of arrival. Should you have a partner and/or children who must also be registered, they must accompany you to the municipality.

In the case of an international move, it is wise to use a professional partner with experience. We know the regulations, as well as the exceptions.

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